Todd Clodfelter

Todd Clodfelter, member of the Arizona House of Representatives for District 10, is quite the cheeky rascal. If you want Todd to do something, make him swear the opposite on a stack of Bibles. Put him in a position of trust, and as sure as the sun will come up, he’ll betray that trust. Todd can resist anything except temptation.

On the surface, Todd Clodfelter seems like a conservative, but is voting against protection against forced marriage of children as young as 11 a conservative value - or is Todd cheating on conservatism?

He voted to recognize that porn is harmful, but from 2010 to at least 2015, Todd solicited sex with multiple internet ads for extramarital affairs on the likes of infidelity “dating” site, and . \ [NSFW]

He demonstrated how straightforward he could be with winning opening lines \ [NSFW] like “I am extremely sexual!!!” Clearly, he wasn’t looking to “conserve” his bodily fluids.

Of course, none of Todd’s extramarital sexual adventures would be anyone’s business but the Clodfelters’, except that Todd is running on his devout Christian faith and conservative reputation. Todd Clodfelter is cheating on the truth by saying one thing in public and then doing another in private. It’s not his fault; the truth is a frigid pain in the neck, and lies just keep sending him nudes .\ [NSFW]

Todd Clodfelter also pledged his fidelity to the United States Constitution, but alas, that vow too has taken quite a beating. Todd likes to fly the Confederate Battle Flag in his office, a symbol of rebellion against the Union and the Constitution.

He has it on his screen saver, and probably owns a CSA tea cosy.

When confronted about his love of this anti-American symbol , Todd was quick to point out that some people only see nice things in the flag of the CSA , like, one supposes , a big X or The Dukes of Hazzard.

To Todd Clodfelter however, it’s erotic! To Todd Clodfelter, flying the stars and bars is like sexting the Confederacy while the USA puts the kids to bed.

As well as marriage vows, Todd swore to serve the people - but alas, he’s stepping out on you, his constituents, with special interests like ALEC . ALEC may sound like a boyfriendthat Todd found on one of his many forays into the seedy underbelly of the internet , but actually, it’s a group that writes conservative template legislation that serves the needs of its member corporations. In the same way that Todd likes to get seduction tips from a book about how to sext , he likes to get his legislation from a group that tells him exactly what to say to get big business into bed.

It’s not that Todd isn’t really into the people of Tucson, it’s just that - as he put it in his Ashley Madison profile - his needs aren’t being met. ALEC can satisfy Todd in ways that others simply can’t. Partly, it’s that ALEC is willing to do things that Tusconians prudishly reject, like dismantle environmental protections and advocate against sensible gun control that the vast majority of Arizonans want. ALEC just happened to come into Todd’s life when he was vulnerable, and deprived of the fat stacks of cash he wanted from his main squeeze. It’s not you, it’s him!

Whether it’s cheating on the Constitution, the conservative movement, his wife, his constituents or on the great state of Arizona, Todd Clodfelter is truly a very naughty boy . Fortunately, this November, the good people of District 10 have a chance to give Todd the spanking that, deep down, he knows he deserves.